Frontiers in Environmental Science and Health (FrESH)


This innovative advanced program will train and mentor promising graduates, medical students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty from predominantly underrepresented communities in sophisticated technologies in Environmental Health Science Research.

FrESH offers dynamic training courses that consist of daily lectures from leading experts, active learning sessions, and extended discussions on important and emerging topics followed by hands-on laboratory sessions for a week-long summer course.

What Makes us Different

  1. Laboratories and lectures will focus on EHS concerns that impact underrepresented minorities.
  2. FrESH will provide conceptual, hands-on research education and skills development to recruit and prepare future trainees in environmental health science fields.


FrESH will educate participants on the ethical, legal, and societal impacts of environmental health science research, including disparities and inequities in environmental health science and human health that impact underrepresented minority communities, so that participants can begin their own research careers in the most ethical and responsible way.

FrESH Leaders

Dr. Winston Thompson

Dr. Winston Thompson
Principal Investigator
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Dr. Charles Easley

Dr. Charles Easley
Co-Principal Investigator
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Themes of Research

  • Obesity and Disparities in Human Health
  • Air, Water, and Ubiquitous Pollution Impacts on Human Health
  • Maternal/Fetal Health and Lifetime Exposure Effects on Human Health
  • Novel Models and Approaches for Assessing Environmental Impacts on Human Health

Topics in FrESH

Examples of topics within FrESH include: Health disparities, diversity and inclusiveness, responsible conduct in research and scientific ethics, environmental justice, urban air pollution and racial disparities in air pollution burden, use of metabolomics for identification of metabolic signals associated with ubiquitous pollutants, THC and its impact on sperm and maternal/fetal health, water quality and human health, and many more!

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Application Process

FrESH will host an seven-day training on the ͼ campus June 2 - 8, 2024. Twenty faculty members will be selected to attend in-person lectures, trainee-guided problem-based learning, small discussions, and innovative laboratory courses.

Qualified applicants will request partial sponsorship from their home institutions, and the program will subsidize participants with funds for travel, lodging, and living expenses. FrESH is committed to providing tuition support to offset the significant expenses associated with laboratories, lecture and lab manuals, and logistical/IT arrangements. Financial assistance will be provided to admitted students based on need as presented in a financial aid request submitted with the admission application.

The application deadline is May 5, 2024.

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